Mr. Rodawalt holds a Master's Degree in Psychology from Indiana University Bloomington and has been published in the International Journal of the Neuropsychological Society - Risky Decision Making in Huntington's Disease

Psychology Methods and the Nervous System focuses on the methods of studying human and animal behavior as well as the basics of neuroanatomy.

Psychology Development focuses on development throughout the life span as well as the contributions of both nature and nurture in the development of the individual.

Psychology Perception and Memory focuses on the ways in which we sense the world around us as well as the the ways in which we learn and store memories.

Psychology Personality and Social Psychology focuses on the development of the personality; the influences of social interaction as well as psychopathology.

Textbook:  Psychology -David G. Myers - 8th Edition
Color Perception
Reading List


Psychology Methods and the Nervous System

001 The Story of Psychology

Example 002

Demonstration 1

Demonstration 2

The Amazing Randi

002 Scientific Method

003 Methods of Study

004 Correlation

005 Experimentation

006 Project Day 1

Statistical Significance

Standard Deviation

007 Statistical Reasoning

008 Test Review

009 Chapter 1 Test

011 Neurons

012 Nervous System

013 Endocrine System

014 Brain Imaging

016 Subcortical Brain Structures

017 Cerebral Cortex

018 Mapping the Cortex

019 Cerebral Hemispheres

Alive Inside (video)

021 Test Review

022 Chapter 2 Test

Psychology Development

023 Genetics and Twin Studies

024 Adoption Studies

Project Day 5

025 Evolutionary Perspectives

026 Parental Influences

027 Peer and Cultural Influences

028 Gender Development

Chapter 3 Assessment


030 Early Childhood Development

031 Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Development

032 Piaget

033 Attachment

034 Adolescence

035 Adulthood I

036 Adulthood II

Chapter 4 Assessment


Visual System
Psychology Perception and Memory

Ames Room Illusion

045 Selective Attention

Forced Perspective

046 Form and Depth Perception

047 Motion and Perceptual Consistency

ARTICLE: Optical Illusions and Their Causes: Examining Differing Explanations

048 Perceptual Illusions

049 Perceptual Interpretations

050 Extrasensory Perception​


051 Classical Conditioning

052 Classical Conditioning II

053 Operant Conditioning

054 Reinforcement Schedules

055 Applications of Classical and Operant Conditioning

056 Sniffy the Lab Rat

057 Learning by Observation

Illusions Presentation

058 Encoding

Memory Hackers

059 Storage

060 Retrieval

Memory Experiment #1

Memory Experiment #2

Informed Consent Reading

061 Forgetting

062 Informed Consent

062 Review Storage Retrieval an Forgetting

Psychology Personality and Social Psychology

063 Memory Construction

064 Chapter 9 Assessment

065 Making Decisions and Forming Judgements

066 Multiple Intelligence

068 Humanistic Perspective 

069 Traits

070 Social Cognitive Perspective

071 Exploring the Self

072 Locus of Control

073 Psychopathology Questions

074 Psychological Disorders

075 Anxiety Disorders

076 Mood Disorders

077 A Beautiful Mind

078 Schizophrenia


Psychology Case Studies 1

TEXT: The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

080 Case Study 1 Dr. P

The Neural Basis of Individual Face and Object Recognition

081 The Neural Basis of Prosopagnosia 1

082 Neural Basis of Prosopagnosia 2

083 Case Study 2 The Lost Mariner

Function and Dysfunction of Prefrontal Brain Circuitry in Alcoholic Korsakoff's Syndrome

084 The Neural Basis of Korsakoff's Syndrome

085 Case Study 3 The Disembodies Woman

086 Awakenings: Movie Notes

Probing the Neural Basis of Body Ownership

That's MY Hand!

087 The Neural Basis of Proprioception

088 Case Study 4 The Man Who Fell Out of Bed


089 Case Study 5 Hands

090 Case Study 6 Phantoms

091 Proprioception Paper

092 Case Study 7 On the Level

093 Case Study 8 Eyes Right

094 The President's Speech

095 Introduction to EXCESS

​096 Case Study 10 Witty Ticcy Ray
Psychology Case Studies 2

TEXT: The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

097 Basal Ganglia

098 Cupid's Disease

099 A Matter of Identity

100 The Possessed

101 Reminiscence

102 Incontinent Nostalgia

Alive Inside (video)

103 Alive inside Case Study

​104 A Passage to India

105 The Dog Beneath the Skin

106 Memory Hackers

107 Murder

108 The Visions of Hildegard

109 Introduction: The World of the Simple

Monica and David Movie Link

110 Monica and David

111 Rebecca

112 A Walking Grove

113 The Twins

114 The Autistic Artist