The Four main topics of Physical Science as outlined in the Alaska State Standards are addressed separately in the classes below.  

Physical Science Atomic Matter focuses on the structure and Properties of matter.

Physical Science Chemical Reactions focuses on the interactions between matter and energy and the effects of these interactions on systems

Physical Science Forces and Motion focuses on an understanding of motions, forces, their characteristics, relationships, and effects

Physical Science Work, Power & Energy focuses on understanding of how energy can be transformed, transferred, and conserved

Alaska Standards A1 Science As Inquiry; E1 Science and Technology; F1 Cultural, Social, Personal Perspectives and Science & G1 History of Science are addressed across all science classes including Physical Science.

Alaska Standards
Physical Science 
Atomic Structures


Text: Physical Science
Padilla, Miaoulis & Cyr
Prentice Hall


2.1 Describing Matter

2.1 Describing Matter LAB

2.2 Measuring Matter

2.2 Measuring Matter LAB

2.3 Changes in Matter

2.4 Energy and Matter

2.4 Energy LAB

Chapter 2 Review
Pg 65-66; 1 - 25

Roller Coaster Design

Roller Coaster Website 

Chapter 2 TEST

3.1 States of Matter

3.2 Changes in State

3.3 Gas Behavior

3.4 Graphing Gas Behavior

Chapter 3 Review
Pg 97-98; 1-25

Chapter 3 TEST

4.1 Intro to Atoms

4.2  Organizing Elements

Modeling Atoms Online

4.3 Metals

4.4 Non-Metals and Metalloids

4.5 Radioactive Elements

Chapter 4 Review
Pg 145-146; 1-23

Chapter 4 TEST

Physical Science 
Chemical Reactions


Text: Physical Science
Padilla, Miaoulis & Cyr
Prentice Hall


5.1 Atomic Bonding and the Periodic Table

5.2 Ionic Bonds

5.2 Online LAB Ionic Bonds

Website 1

Website 2

5.3 Covalent Bonds

Website 1

Website 2

5.4 Bonding in Metals

Website 1

6.1 Observing Chemical Change

6.2 Describing Chemical Reactions

6.3 Controlling Chemical Reactions

6.4 Fire and Fire Safety

6.5 Chapter 6 Review

7.1 Understanding Solutions

7.2 Concentration and Solubility

7.3 Describing Acids and Bases

7.4  Acids and Bases in Solution

7.5 Digestion and pH

7.6 Chapter 7 Review

8.1 Properties of Carbon

8.2 Carbon Compounds

8.3 Polymers and Composites

8.4 Life with Carbon

8.5 Chapter 8 Review
Physical Science 
Force and Motion


Text: Physical Science
Padilla, Miaoulis & Cyr
Prentice Hall


Relative Motion Video

9.1 Describing Motion

9.2 Speed and Velocity

9.3 Acceleration

9.4 Chapter 9 Quiz

10.1 The Nature of Force

10.2 Friction and Gravity

10.3 Newton's First and Second Laws

10.4 Newton's Third Law

10.5 Rockets and Satellites

10.6 Chapter 10 Review

11.1 Pressure

11.2 Floating and Sinking

11.3  Pascal's Principle

11.4 Bernoulli's Principle

11.5 Chapter 11 Review

Physical Science 
Work, Power & Energy


Text: Physical Science
Padilla, Miaoulis & Cyr
Prentice Hall


12.1 What is Work

12.2 How Machines Do Work

12.3 Simple Machines

12.4 Chapter 12 Review

13.1 What is Energy?

13.2 Forms of Energy

13.3  Energy Transformations and Conservations

13.4 Energy and Fossil Fuels

13.5 Chapter 13 Review

14.1 Temperature, Thermal Energy and Heat

14.2 The Transfer of Heat

14.3 Thermal Energy and States of Matter

14.4  Uses of Heat