Thie class will focus on modern and postmodern American Literature.  It will be broken into four main units.  The first is focused on poetry and theater.  Students will be introduced to the main themes of modern and post modern literature and then complete readings from a variety of poets.  They will have a number of assignments to write poetry in response to those readings.  Next, they will read Death of a Salesman and evaluate the themes of the play in light of what they have learned about the themes of postmodernism.

The second section of the class will focus on reading J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye.  Students will complete a number of assignments including a personal journal as they read the book.  

The third section will focus on Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughthouse Five.

The final Section will focus on a more modern novel, The Life of Pi, by Yann Martel. 

These courses are still under development and assignments will appear here as they are developed.  Numbered entries are the assignments, while the non-numbered entries are readings. 

Modern American Literature I


Unit 1 Assignments

Poetry & Theater

Themes of Postmodernity

1. Themes of Postmodernity

25 Mesostics Re and Not Re Mark Tobey - John Cage

2. 25 Mesostics Re and Not Re Mark Tobey

Then and Now - James Laughlin

3 Then and Now

I am Waiting - Lawrence Ferlinghetti

4 I am Waiting

5 Death of a Salesman Pre_Read

6 Death of a Salesman Setting

7 Death of a Salesman Characters

8 Death of a Salesman Vocabulary

9 Death of a Salesman Study Guide Act I

10 Death of a Salesman Study Guide Act II

11 Death of a Salesman Your American Dream

The Mad Yak

12 The Mad Yak

13 Death of a Salesman Study Guide Requiem

On Neal's Ashes - Allen Ginsberg
see your instructor

14 Death of a Salesman Eulogy

Howl - Allen Ginsberg

America - Aleen Ginsberg

15 The American Dream

Modern American Literature II 

Unit 2 Assignments

Cather in the Rye

Lesson Plan
AK Standards
Teaching Unit
Response Journal Unit

Pacing Guide

Literary Terms Reading
Literary Terms Crossword

Study Guide Chapter 1
Response Journal Chapter 1

Study Guide Chapter 2
Response Journal Chapter 2

Study Guide Chapter 3
Response Journal Chapter 3

Study Guide Chapter 4
Response Journal Chapter 4

Study Guide Chapter 5
Response Journal Chapter 5

Study Guide Chapter 6
Response Journal Chapter 6

Study Guide Chapter 7
Response Journal Chapter 7

Study Guide Chapter 8
Response Journal Chapter 8

Study Guide Chapter 9
Response Journal Chapter 9

Study Guide Chapter 10
Response Journal Chapter 10

Study Guide Chapter 11
Response Journal Chapter 11

Study Guide Chapter 12
Response Journal Chapter 12

Study Guide Chapter 13
Response Journal Chapter 13

Study Guide Chapter 14
Response Journal Chapter 14

Study Guide Chapter 15
Response Journal Chapter 15

Study Guide Chapter 16
Response Journal Chapter 16

Study Guide Chapter 17
Response Journal Chapter 17

Study Guide Chapter 18
Response Journal Chapter 18

Study Guide Chapter 19
Response Journal Chapter 19

Study Guide Chapter 20
Response Journal Chapter 20

Study Guide Chapter 21
Response Journal Chapter 21

Study Guide Chapter 22
Response Journal Chapter 22

Study Guide Chapter 23
Response Journal Chapter 23

Study Guide Chapter 24
Response Journal Chapter 24

Study Guide Chapter 25
Response Journal Chapter 25

Study Guide Chapter 26
Response Journal Chapter 26

Modern American Literature III 

Unit 3 Assignments

Hunger Games

Lesson Plan
AK Standards
Teaching Unit

Pacing Guide

Literary Terms Reading

Literary Terms Crossword

Vocabulary Assignment I

Study Guide Ch 1

Study Guide Ch 2

Writing Assignment I

Study Guide Ch 3

Study Guide Ch 4

Study Guide Ch 5

Study Guide Ch 6

Study Guide Ch 7

Study Guide Ch 8

Study Guide Ch 9

Writing Assignment II

Vocabulary Assignment II

Study Guide Ch 10

Study Guide Ch 11

Study Guide Ch 12

Study Guide Ch 13

Study Guide Ch 14

Study Guide Ch 15

Study Guide Ch 16

Study Guide Ch 17

Study Guide Ch 18

Writing Assignment III

Vocabulary Assignment III

Study Guide Ch 19

Study Guide Ch 20

Study Guide Ch 21

Study Guide Ch 22

Study Guide Ch 23

Study Guide Ch 24

Study Guide Ch 25

Study Guide Ch 26

Study Guide Ch 27

Modern American Literature IV

Unit 4 Assignments

The Life of Pi


Author's Note

Study Guide Ch 1 - 5

Study Guide Ch 6 - 22

Study Guide Ch 23 - 36

Book Quiz 1

Study Guide Ch 37 - 47

Study Guide Ch 48 - 58

Study Guide Ch 59 - 70

Study Guide Ch 71 - 91

Study Guide Ch 92 - 100

Book Quiz 2


Final Paper