We have adopted the Prentice Hall Math Series.

We have THREE major tracks that students may follow to complete their math credits.  

TRACK ONE is primarily an intervention to help students who are struggling with mathematics.  It has a focus on reinforcing basic math skills while taking time to make sure that new math concepts are mastered before moving on.  The courses for TRACK ONE include Pre-Algebra and Algebra I B.

TRACK TWO is the traditional high school curriculum beginning with Algebra. Coursework in TRACK TWO also tends to be more of an independent study course. The courses included in TRACK TWO include Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2.

CTE MATH is intended to aid students who have chosen a given career path.  Presently we will be offering Math for Personal Finance and Business, but it isour hope to expand this to an offering of Math for the Trades.

While students may be placed in TRACK ONE initially, if they show the ability to master the work and to work independently, they may be switched to TRACK TWO.  

You can follow this link to online help videos for Pre-AlgebraAlgebra IGeometry, and Algebra II.



Algebra I B


Algebra One


Algebra Two


Math for Personal Finance and Business

Math for the Trades