Genealogy is the study of our family history and culture.  

As part of this class we work on internet search skills related to Genealogy; evaluating the reliability of the evidence available and document that evidence in the form of a dynamic Microsoft Excel file.

In addition, we will collect photographs and other artifacts related to the students' families and cultures.  This might be in the form of family stories, descriptions of places that family has lived and descriptions of family traditions.

As part of the course students will be doing cultural and historic research, writing about the results of their research and documenting these results in electronic form.

​Because of the interdisciplinary nature of this course with major components of writing, computer skills and the study of culture it is cross-listed for English, Social Studies Electives and Computer Applications meaning that students can earn .25 credit for any ONE of these three course categories.


Family Tree Excel Template

Useful Websites: – Search of many of the records held by the Church of the Latter Day Saints. This also connects to a lot of other free online sources. - Alaska Digital Archives – Photographs and other digits resources related to the history of Alaska. - Free Genealogical Resources grouped by state and country. - Genealogical Resources from the federal government grouped by state. - Associated with the PAY SITE - Associated with the PAY SITE - List of genealogical sites on the web. - Norwegian Archives - Pictures and catalogs of graves - German genealogical site. Go through Google and translate the page (unless you read German) - list of top websites for genealogy


Gathering Basic Information

Entering information

Scanning of Family Pictures

Importing Pictures into Microsoft Excel

Embedding Documents into Excel

Hometown Description


Basic Genealogy Search Techniques

Three Family Recipes

In addition to the above assignments, students must complete at least two of the following:  (Students may choose to do two assignments from the same category; i.e. two Family Traditions)

Family Stories

Family Traditions

Cultural Activities

Family Trip

All artifacts collected above must be hyperlinked or imbedded into the Family Tree Excel Template.