The MAP school employs a blended classroom approach to English.  We have a traditional classroom instruction approach that focuses on building basic skills but in addition, we build in student choice with regards to the study of literature.  

At the bottom of the page is the classroom sequence for students working on skill building while to the right you will find  links to the various Literature classes available to our students as independent study classes.

The skill building classes are sequenced so that the level of instruction spirals up but also are designed so that we have multiple entree points for students as we work through the school year.   As an alternative program, it is important that we maintain some flexibility as students join us throughout the year while also maintaining a structure that allows staff to easily keep track of the advancement of each student.

The Senior Class sequence is the exception to this model.  We have developed a strong senior curriculum that focuses on readings with strong relevency to students entering the workforce and continuing along their educationsl path.  These classes focus on finance, relationships and planning for the future.  We strongly believe that students leaving the MAP school should have these practical skills before moving on with their lives.

The literature classes are constantly changing as student interest drives much of the curriculum development.  If we have student interest in certain book we will look to see if there is available curriculum that we can adapt to meet these interests. 

Archived Classes

English Literature (Sophomore - Survey)

English Books (Sophomore)

American Literature (Junior - Survey)

Modern American Literature (Junior)

English Communication (Senior)

English Classic Literature (Senior)

Writing PowerPoint
Senior English

The class has two main components.  First involves the book Richest Man in Babylon.  Andthis will be taught in Senior English 1

Senior English 1

The second Part of Senior English focuses on completing your senior portfolio.  This component will be taught in Senior English 2.

Senior English 2
Junior English

The class focuses on relationship skills and the book, 'Five Love Languages'

Junior English 1

The second part of Junior English focuses on creative writing and the book 'MONSTER'

Junior English 2
Sophomore English

The course focuses on the book,, 'To Kill a Mockingbird'

Sophomore English 1

The Second Part of Sophomore English focuses on note taking, grammar and study skills

Sophomore English 2
Freshman English

The course focuses on culturally relevant literature with a focus on Shadows on the Koyukuk.

Freshman English 1

The second part of Freshman English focuses on language skills on the job.

Freshman English 2