Typically, most of our students electives are taken up with Work Experience.

Students are placed in volunteer positions or paying jobs where they learn practical job related skills.  Students are typically working an average of 3 hours per day (15 hours per week - 90 hours per MiniTerm) and earn credits based on their job performance as well as the number of hours worked.

Credit for work experience is awarded on the following scale:

45 – 74.75 Hours = .25 credits
75 – 134.75 Hours = .50 credits
135 – 194.75 Hours = .75 credits
195 – 254.75 Hours – 1.00 credits

If a student works for fewer than 45 hours in a Mini-Term, those hours that were worked will roll over into the next Mini-Term.


In addition to work we offer a number of other Elective classes throughout the school year, either as conventional classes or through independent study. Some of these classes are listed to the right and others will be added as the curriculum is fully developed (and as time permits).

Finally, we have a good working relationship with the University of Alaska Fairbanks - Bristol Bay Campus.  In addition to the Local Courses provided during the weekends at the Bristol Bay Campus, The MAP School has been working closely with Kent Winship to recruit and train students for the last few years in the UAF-BB Summer Construction Academy that can lead to a Certification in Construction Trades Technology.


Food Safety / Food Prep

Emergency Trauma Technician I

Psychology Case Studies



Marine Survival