At the MAP School we believe it is important that students have an understanding of BOTH the practical aspects of finance AND a theoretical understanding of how micro and macro economics can impact student's lives.  Because of this we have two distinct strands of study in Economics.

At the freshman and sophomore level we have a series of classes focusing on personal finance and the obtaining and use of credit.  These classes focus on financial skills such as maintaining a bank account, the importance of credit worthiness and some basic skills in investment. These classes are taught by Mr. Montooth.

At the junior and senior level, students are introduced to the basics of economic theory, including supply, demand, price, and factors of production.  we discuss the way the economy operates at both the micro (single person) level and macro (whole economy  or sector) level.  These classes are taught by Mr. Rodawalt.

For Mr. Rodawalt's classes, the assignments are posted below.  There reviews are also provided along with an answer key.  Tests are password protected and are only posted for archival purposes.

Economics Consumer Choices



Business Plan Brochure

Brochure Example

Chapter 5 Section 1

Chapter 5 Section 2

Chapter 5 Section 3

Chapter 5 TEST

Business Plan Costs

Chapter 6 Section 1

Chapter 6 Section 2

Chapter 6 Section 3

Chapter 6 TEST

Business Plan Executive Summary

Chapter 7 Section 1

Chapter 7 Section 2

Chapter 7 Section 3

Chapter 7 Section 4

Chapter 7 TEST

Business Plan Marketing

Chapter 8 Section 1

Chapter 8 Section 2

Chapter 8 Section 3

Chapter 8 Section 4

Chapter 8 TEST

Economics Managing Money

Economics Investing

Economics Supply, Demand and Price



Business Plan Template

Chapter 1 Section 1

Chapter 1 Section 2

Chapter 1 Section 3

Chapter 1 TEST

Bristol Bay Demographics

Chapter 2 Section 1

Chapter 2 Section 2

Chapter 2 Section 3

Chapter 2 Section 4

Chapter 2 TEST

Business Idea

Chapter 3 Section 1

Chapter 3 Section 2

Chapter 3 Section 3

Chapter 3 Section 4

Chapter 3 TEST

Business Card Design

Chapter 4 Section 1

Chapter 4 Section 2

Chapter 4 Section 3

Chapter 4 TEST