All students at the MAP school must have a job or volunteer position within six weeks of enrolling.  Because of this requirement, it is especially important for us to have an effective career readiness program.

Starting in 2016-17 the MAP school is adopting the AKCIS Career Readiness Curriculum.  This class will be part of the introductory CTE English class required of all students.  

As part of these courses we are endeavoring to connect students to funding sources and additional educational opportunities.  

Freshman CTE English


1.  Log on to (see your instructor for your logon information)

2.  Go to MY PORTFOLIO and click on CHECKLISTS then the 9th grade checklist.

3.  Enter Your Personal Information on AKCIS

4. Talk to your advisor about your SBA scores and place an entry in AKCIS about the conversation.

5.  Complete the Reality Check Assessment on AKCIS.

6.  Complete the IDEAS Assessment on AKCIS

7.  Complete the Work Importance Locator on AKCIS

8.  Complete the Career Cluster Interests on AKCIS

9.  Complete the 4 Year Course Plan on AKCIS

10.  Identify Academic Goals on AKCIS

11.  Identify Personal Goals on AKCIS

12.  Record Achievements and Awards on AKCIS

13.  Record Activities or Clubs on AKCIS

14.  Create a Resume on AKCIS

15.  Complete "Data, People, Things Checklist"

16.  Complete "Thinking About Myself Assignment"

17.  On AKCIS go to MY PORTFOLIO and click on CAREER PLAN and write a reflection on what you learned about yourself from doing the above assignments

18.  On AKCIS go to MY PORTFOLIO and click on WRITING WORKSHEET and write at least two paragraphs about your career plan.

19.  Complete the Introduction to the World of Work

20.  Complete the Research My Options activity

21.  Complete Evaluate My Educational Options activity

22.  Complete My Program of Study Options activity

CTE English 10-1


001 Screenshot and Email

002 Update Resume

003 BBEDC Application

004 BBEDC Application Letter

005 CTE Application

006 CTE Application Letter

007 Looking Inward

008 Dressing for Success

009 Job Application

010 Work Ethic

011 Letterhead and Thank You Letter

Taking Notes from a Book I

Taking Notes from a Book II

Taking Notes from a Film I

Taking Notes from a Film II

Taking Notes From Lecture I

Taking Notes From Lacture II

Paraphrasing a Text I

Paraphrasing a Text II

Process Paper - Make a Peanut Butter Sandwich

CTE English 10-2


Alaska Driver's Manual

012 Reality Check

013 Reality Check Jobs

014 Household Budget Spreadsheet

015 ALEXSYS Job Search

016 Reality Check After Graduation

017 Shopping for a Car

Loan Amortization Spreadsheet

018 Driver Requirements and Examinations

019 Financial Responsibility Accidents and Points

020 Alcohol Drugs and Driving

021 SeatBelts and Distracted Driving

022 Controlling Your Vehicle

023 Manuveuring Your Vehicle

024 Signs and Signals

025 Lane Markings and Multiple Lanes

026 Highway Driving and Emergencies

027 Sharing the Road

Practice Test A

    Key A

Practice Test B

    Key B

Practice Test E

    Key E

Practice Test F

    Key F

Junior CTE English


​1. Log on to (see your instructor for your logon information) and go to MY PORTFOLIO and click on CHECKLISTS then the 10th grade checklist.

2. Update your Personal Information on AKCIS

3. Update your information about the testing. (AMP, ACT, SAT, WorkKeys, ACCUPLACER, or ASVAB)

4. Complete the Occupation Sort.

5. Complete the School/Programs Interest

6. Complete the Financial Aide Sort

7. Identify Scholarships

8. Update your 4-Year Course Plan

9. Update you Academic Goals

10. Update your Career Goals

11. Update you Personal Goals

12. Complete ten hours of Volunteer Service (extra Credit)

13. Update your Volunteer Service Experience (Extra Credit)

14. Create an Updated Resume

15. Update Action Plan for This Year