These courses are under development.  The assignments here are tentative and incomplete.

Students will be allowed to substitute readings from the Modern American Literature class series in place of American Literature 2 and American Literature 4. 

American Literature 2

To Kill A Mockingbird

Read the book To Kill A Mockingbird

Complete Vocabulary exercises 5

Complete Report on Historical Fiction and the time period.

Complete 1 assignment given by teacher

American Literature 4


Assignment List

00 Monster Vocabulary List (For Reference: does not need to be turned in)

01 Monster Study Guide #1

02 Monster Crossword #1

03 Monster Vocabulary Puzzle #1

04 Monster Study Guide #2

05 Monster Crossword #2

06 Monster Vocabulary Puzzle #2

07 Monster Writing Assignment #1

08 Monster Study Guide #3

09 Monster Crossword #3

10 Monster Vocabulary Puzzle #3

11 Monster Writing Assignment #2

12 Monster Study Guide #4

13 Monster Crossword #4

14 Monster Vocabulary Puzzle #4

15 Monster Writing Assignment #3

American Literature 1

In the text, Language Network (Grade 11):

1. Complete the Diagnostic Test at the beginning of each chapter in Chapter 1 - 6.

2. Read the “Here’s the Idea” section and write down the main idea (next to the maroon arrow) and define any new vocabulary which appears in bold print.

3. Copy the passage under the “Literary Model” heading in “Why it Matters in Writing”.

4.  Complete all the problems under “Practice and Apply” including questions under the headings Concept Check, Revising and Writing.

5. Complete the Mixed Review and Mastery Test at the end each chapter.

6. Pass the chapter test for each chapter.

7. Using the process as outlined on pages 404-409.  Write a two page autobiographical story.  Identify the major parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs) in your story. The paper should be type written, double spaced,  use 12 point New Times Roman font and one-inch margins.

All tests must be passed with a score of 80% or above or the test must be retaken.  After the second failure on a chapter test you will need to redo the chapter review under the supervision of the teacher. 

American Literature 3

The Truth About Alice

001 Elaine

002 Kelsie

003 Josh

004 Elaine Part Two

005 Rumors

006 Josh Part Two

007 Kurt

008 Kelsie Part Two

009 Kurt Part Two

010 Elaine Part Three

011 Josh Part Three

012 Kurt Part Three

013 Kelsie Part Three

014 Kurt Part Four

015 Kelsie Part Four

016 Josh Part Four

017 Kurt Part Five

018 Elaine Part Four

019 Kelsie Part Five

020 Kurt Part Six

021 Josh Part Five

022 Kurt Part Seven

023 Elaine Part Five

024 Alice

025 Final Essay