Our curriculum in American History is designed to be flexible with respect to the starting point for the class.  The district curriculum calls for the period between the colonial period and the Civil War to be covered in 8th grade.  However, we often find that, students entering the MAP school do not have a sufficient grounding in the early part of American History, especially the colonial period, so Mr. Montooth will assess the class and choose a starting point based on this assessment.

It is our belief that without a proper grounding in this early period, students will struggle with later Social Studies coursework, including US Government.  We also find that knowledge of later period of US History can often be attained through the World History curriculum.

American History Pre-Columbian History

Assignment List

Ch 1 Sect 1 The Americas West Africa and Europe

Ch 1 Sect 2 Spanish North America

Ch 1 Sect 3 Early British Colonies

Ch1 Sect 4 Colonies Come of Age

Ch 2 Sect 1 Colonial Resistance

Ch 2 Sect 2 The War for Independence

Ch 2 Sect 3 Confederation and the Constitution

Ch 2 Sect 4 Launching the New Nation

The Constitution

Citizenship Activity

Ch 3 Sect 1 The Jeffersonian Era

Ch 3 Sect 2 The Age of Jackson

Ch 3 Sect 3 Manifest Destiny

Ch 3 Sect 4 The Market Revolution

Ch 3 Sect 5 Reforming American Society

American History Civil War And Reconstruction

Assignment List

Ch 4 Sect 1 The Divisive Politics of Slavery

Dred Scott vs. Sanford

Ch 4 Sect 2 The Civil War Begins

Ch 4 Sect 3 The North Takes Charge

Ch 4 Sect 4 Reconstruction and Its Effects

Ch 5 Section 1 Cultures Clash on the Prairie

Ch 5 Sections 2 & 3 Settling on the Great Plains & Farmers and the Populist Movement

A Beautiful Mind

Charles Julius Guiteau

Ch 6 Section 1 The Expansion of Industry

Ch 6 Section 1 Thomas Alva Edison

Ch 6 Section 2 The Age of Railroads

Ch 6 Section 3 Big Business and Labor

Affect of Railroads on the West

American History Early 20th Century

Assignment List

Genealogy Worksheet

Ch 7 Sect 1 The New Immigrants

Ch 7 Sect 2 The Challenges of Urbanization

Ch 7 Sect 3 Politics in the Gilded Age

St. Paul Daily Globe

Salt Lake Herald

Richmond Dispatch

1893 Chicago Columbian Exposition

Ch 8 Sect 1 Science and Urban Life

Ch 8 Sect 2 Expanding Public Education

Influenza Epidemic of 1918

Seattle Star 1

Seattle Star 2

Seattle Star 3

Seattle Star 4

Seattle Star 5

Ch 8 Sect 3 Segregation and Discrimination

Ch 8 Section 3 Plessy vs. Ferguson

Ch 8 Sect4 Dawn of Mass Culture

Ch 9 Sect 1 The Origins of Progressivism

Ch 9 Sect 2 Women in Public Life

Ch 9 Sect 3 Teddy Roosevelt's Square Deal

Ch 9 Sect 4 Progressivism Under Taft

Ch 9 Sect 5 Wilson's New Freedom

Ch 9 Sect 5 The Treaty of Versailles

American Experience The Great War Part I

American Experience The Great War Part II

American History Post WWII
American History Post WW II
American History Modern Times