The Maximum Achievement Program is an Alternative High School located in Dillingham, Alaska.  The school serves youth from Dillingham and the surrounding villages who desire an alternative to the traditional educational setting. 

The school focuses on three main areas of education; academics, work skills and social skills.  The school has adopted a diagnostic model of education in which students are tested to evaluate student strengths and weaknesses and the curriculum is designed to address these needs. The school uses a PROFICIENCY BASED model for the award of academic credit meaning that students earn credits upon meeting a minimum criterion of 80% in a given class.  Classes are therefore not time limited, but rather students work until they meet this minimum criteria.

Students, in conjunction with their Teacher Advisors, develop a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) .  This plan is designed to address the student's personal learning style and focuses on  addressing the academic and life goals of the student. 

One of the other unique characteristics of the Alternative School is our schedule.  Rather than being on a semester system, students work through six-week mini-terms.  This gives students a more finite period of time to either succeed or fail and gives parents and teachers ample opportunities to intervene in the educational process if students are having difficulties.


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